A steal 物美價廉就像是白送的

Neil 手裡拿著部新款手機和Feifei開玩笑說手機是 "a steal"。手機要是偷來的,Neil 會不會被抓?預知結局,且聽節目錄音。

Bull and bear market 牛市和熊市

Neil 對股市著了迷,並且給楊莉解釋了何謂牛市,何謂熊市。楊莉仍然不解,Neil 則描述了牛和熊這兩大動物搏鬥的姿勢,楊莉頓時恍然大悟。

Social media words 社交媒體用語

楊莉很生氣因為有些人在她的社交網頁上一味地發表負面評論。Neil 勸慰說,不要理睬那些 'trolls' and 'haters' 即 “懷恨在心的人” 他們都是互聯網時代的新怪物。

Don’t give up the day job 做好眼下的工作,不要追求不可能成功的事情


A barrel of laughs “開心果”

原來片語 a barrel of laughs 可以用來形容那些總是喜歡開玩笑,給人們帶來快樂的人。這麼說,其實這個片語可以理解為中文裡常說的“開心果”,形容一個幽默的、逗人開心笑的人。誰說不是呢,我們都喜歡身邊有個“開心果”。

To know something like the back of your hand 了如指掌

當我們聽到 know somewhere like the back of your hand,意思就是對什麼地方非常了解就像對自己的手背那麼熟悉一樣。這個表達還可以用於對什麼東西比如書、興趣,非常精通了解。

A face for radio 其貌不揚

Neil is reluctant to present a video called The Perfect English Gentleman. He told his boss that he has a face for radio. What does he mean? Listen to the programme to find out.

Give me credit 稱讚表揚我的功勞

Li offers to buy Rob something using her credit card - but Rob's looking for another type of credit. What can it be? Join them in this programme to hear another English phrase in use.

To keep the wolf from the door 勉強度日

Rob's run out of money and there's someone at the door. Li thinks her life is in danger until she realises Rob's used another example of authentic real English! Listen to the programme to find out what it is and see if you can apply it to your life.

Hot desk 無固定辦公桌的現代辦公室

Rob and Feifei are discussing a new way of working in modern offices. What does the phrase 'hot desk' mean? And why do big organisations choose to hot-desk? Listen to the dialogue.

Out of juice 沒電了

Helen and Neil are in the studio when Helen's phone rings. But when she picks up there's no sound. What's gone wrong? Find out and learn a useful phrase in the programme.

The penny dropped 話終於聽明白了

Rob and Feifei go out shopping. She has lots of money but Rob doesn't. But why is Rob so poor? Will Feifei realise the reason why? Listen to the programme to find out.