「Hard」 五個意思及用法


「Hard」 這個詞看上去簡單,但意思卻不少。比如:東西硬 「hard」,考試難 「hard」。你最熟悉它的哪個意思和用法?本集 「一分鐘英語」 介紹 「hard」 的五種用法。



Hello, everyone. I’m Sam from BBC Learning English and today we are looking at five ways to use the word ‘hard’.

As an adjective describing a thing, it can mean the opposite of ‘soft’. For example: Wood is hard.

The opposite of ‘easy’. For example: The exam was hard.

And it can mean something that involves effort: Running a marathon is hard.

As an adverb describing an action, it can mean to do something with energy, such as: She works hard.

Or to use force. For example: He hit the ball hard.

Just be careful not to confuse it with ‘hardly’ because that has a different meaning.



1. The opposite of soft

  • Wood is hard.

2. The opposite of easy

  • The exam was hard.

3. Something involving effort

  • Running a marathon is hard.

4. Doing something with energy:

  • She works hard.

5. To use force:

  • He hit the ball hard.

Hard is not the same as hardly!
「Hard」 作副詞時不同於 「hardly」!