Above 的四個用法



“Above” 除了表示 “處於…的上方” 以外,還可以用來表示 “(數量或水平)多於、超過”,你知道怎麼用 “above” 來描述 “(某人的地位或等級)高於…” 嗎?看視訊,聽主持人 Beth 講解 “above” 的四個用法。


1. 用 “above” 表示 “(位置)在…上方,在比…更高處”。

  • I live in a flat above a bakery.
  • Can you sign here, above your name, please?

2. 用 “above” 表示 “(數量或水平)多於,超過”。

  • It’s winter and it’s above 15 degrees outside. I can’t believe it!
  • This meal is delicious! The food here is definitely above average.

3. 用 “above” 表示 “(某人的地位、等級)高於…”。

  • Matthew’s in the class above me. He’s really good at maths.
  • I can’t make desicions on this deal. I’ll need to seek approval from those above me in the company.

4. 用 “above” 表示 “(某人的能力)超出…;凌駕於…之上”。

  • Lola thought she was above the law, but then she was arrested.
  • Amir is really ambitious. He thinks he’s above any desk jobs.