Access 這個詞怎麼用?



“Access” 作動詞用,表示 “(經允許)進入,訪問”,作名詞用,表示 “進入某處的通道” 或 “接觸某人的機會”,本期節目用一分鐘時間介紹單詞 “access” 的常見用法。


1. “Access” 作動詞用,可以表示 “有機會或被允許進入某個地方”。

  • You need a key to access the library.
  • Non-employees can’t access the staff restroom.

2. 動詞 “access” 還可以表示 “讀取,訪問電子裝置上的資訊或資料”。

  • You can only access the files from a work computer.
  • I couldn’t access this online forum as I didn’t have an account.

3. “Access” 作名詞用,可以表示 “進入某個場所的通道或訪問某處的權限” 。

  • For wheelchair access to the school, there’s a ramp.
  • I finally got access by using the right password.

4. 名詞 “access” 還可以表示 “接觸或見到某個重要人物的機會”。

  • Very few people have direct access to the prime minister.
  • The CEO was always occupied. Most employees had no access to her at all.