Few 和 a few 區別是什麼?



「Few」 和 「a few」 之間相差了一個字母 「a」,意思卻發生了很大的變化。「Few」 的意思是 「很少,不多」;「a few」 的意思卻是 「幾個,一些」。看視頻,學習如何正確使用 「few」 和 「a few」。


Welcome, everyone. Today we’re going to look at the difference between few and a few.

Have a look at these two sentences – which sentence has a more negative feeling?

Number one: I have few friends.

Number two: I have a few friends who live in London.

It was sentence number one, right?

When we use few, we’re saying that the total number of something is not as many as we would like, that the number is small. Here, I’m telling you that I don’t have many friends…

When we use a few, we’re not talking about the total number but a category of something. It has a similar meaning to ‘some’. Here, I’m telling you that some of my friends live in London.

Just remember: we always use this with countable nouns only. So please be careful.

See you next time!


1. 「Few」 的意思是 「很少,不多」,表示 「某物的總數不盡人意,少於預期」,有消極的意味。

  • I have few friends.

2. 「A few」 的意思是 「幾個,一些」,與 「some」 意思相近。

  • I have a few friends who live in London.

注意:「few」 和 「a few」 只能修飾可數名詞。