Fewer 和 less 應該用哪個?



量詞 「fewer」 和 「less」 的含義相似,它們都可以用來談論兩個或兩組事物中的一個或一組 「少一點,少一些」。什麼時候用 「fewer」?什麼時候用 「less」?「一分鐘英語」 節目辨析這兩個詞被用來比較事物時的用法區別。


Hi, I’m Sam from BBC Learning English, and today we are going to look at the difference between less and fewer when comparing things.

It’s actually very simple – we use fewer with countable nouns and less with uncountable nouns, but even native speakers get this wrong, so let’s have a look at some examples:

I moved recently, and comparing my old area to my new neighbourhood, I can say:

There are fewer restaurants and fewer cafes.

And there is less traffic and less pollution.

‘Cafes’ and ‘restaurants’ are countable nouns – you can count them on your fingers, and you can make them plural – so we use fewer.

‘Pollution’ and ‘traffic’ are uncountable nouns – you can’t count them on your fingers, and you can’t make them plural – so we use less.


1. 「Fewer」 用來修飾可數名詞。

  • There are fewer restaurants and fewer cafes.

2. 「Less」 用來修飾不可數名詞。

  • There is less traffic and less pollution.