Fun vs funny 如何區分 「fun」 和 「funny」


如果要描述一件事情有趣,應該用 「fun」 還是 「funny」?這兩個詞不僅長得像,含義也相近,應該如何區分它們?看本集 「一分鐘英語」,學習如何正確地使用 「fun」 和 「funny」。


Hi, I’m Phil from BBC Learning English, and today I’m going to tell you how to use the words fun and funny…

They’re both words we use to talk about happy things – but they don’t mean the same thing

So we use fun to talk about things that we enjoy.

So – I think going out with friends is fun – watching football is fun, practising English is fun… it is, isn’t it?

Now the main use of funny is…. Something that makes you laugh.

Jokes make you laugh, comedy films make you laugh – people make you laugh.

So, if it makes you happy – it’s fun and If it makes you laugh – it’s funny.


Both fun and funny are used to talk about happy things.
單字 「fun」 和 「funny」 都可以用來談論令人快樂的事情。

Fun is used to talk about things we enjoy.
「Fun」 用來談論我們享受做、喜歡做的事情。

  • Watching football is fun.
  • Practising English is fun.

Funny is used to talk about things that make us laugh.
「Funny」 用來談論讓我們發笑的事情。

  • Jokes are funny.
  • Comedy films are funny.