Kind 的常見用法



“Kind” 既可以作形容詞,也可以作名詞,形容詞 “kind” 的意思是 “體貼的,友善的”;名詞 “kind” 指 “種類”,“Kind” 接介詞 “of” 組成的短語 “kind of” 怎麼用?看影片,學習單字 “kind” 的常見用法。


1. 用形容詞 “kind” 表示 “(行為)體貼的,(人)友善的”。

  • He always helps me – he’s really kind.
  • That’s such a kind gesture.

2. 用名詞 “kind” 指 “種類”。

  • Tigers are a kind of cat.
  • My new smartphone is great! It has all kinds of cool features.

3. 用片語 “kind of” 表示 “有一點,勉強算是”。

  • She went to the party thinking it was going to be boring, but it was kind of fun.
  • I’m not sure if I want to answer that. It’s kind of personal.