Notify vs let someone know 正式與非正式場合中 「通知他人」 的說法


在表達同樣的意思時,說話者的措詞和口吻可能會因所在場合的不同而發生相應的改變。比如,想表達 「通知他人」 時,「通知下級開會」 與 「通知朋友看電影」 需要用完全不同的表達方式。看 「一分鐘英語」,快速瞭解如何在正式場合和非正式場合中說「通知他人」。



Hi guys, this is Kee from BBC Learning English.

Today, I’m going to tell you about some informal ways of using English.

In English, when want want to tell a friend about something, we don’t use the word 『notify』.

That’s what businesses do. Businesses 『notify』 their customers and the Prime Minister might 『notify』 her ministers, but we don’t 『notify’ our friends about our weekend plans. It’s too formal!

In English, we say 『I’m going to let my friend know that I’m going out’. Let him know. Not notify. Let him know.

Now you know!


Notify vs let someone know

We use ‘notify‘ when we mean to tell someone officially about something.
我們在正式或商務場合中使用動詞 「notify」,意思是 「正式地通知,告知某事」。

  • The company will notify their customers about the price change.

When we want to tell a friend about something, we use the phrase ‘let someone know‘.
當需要 「告訴朋友某事」 時,用搭配 「let someone know」。

  • I’m going to let my friend know that I’m going out.