「The + 比較級」 的用法


英語中 「the more…, the more」 句型用來表示 「越……,就越……」。怎麼用英語說 「我越努力學習,學到的東西就越多」?本集 「一分鐘英語」 講解如何使用 「the + 比較級」 的結構。


Hello! I’m Sam from BBC Learning English, and today I have a question for you: if you study more, do you learn more?

You could answer this question in two different ways:

1. Yes, if I study more, I learn more.


2. Yes, the more I study, the more I learn.

The meaning is the same – one thing depends on another. But did you notice we changed the sentence structure?

Let’s have a look together. Take 『if’ away. Add 『the’ to the beginning of both parts of the sentence. Rearrange the order of the words so that the comparatives 『more’, two times here, are after 『the’. And you get:

The more I study with BBC Learning English, the more I learn.


「The + 比較級,the + 比較級」 表示 「越……,就越……」。

  • The more I study, the more I learn.
  • The sooner I learn, the better.