AI recruitment 用人工智能招募人才



AI recruitment 用人工智能招募人才


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How can AI recruitment help clients who recruit in high volumes?


Students here at Liverpool Uni are able to practise on software now used by lots of big firms. The tech behind these video answers can do more than you might imagine.


Iwan Williams, Liverpool University
They’ll look at facial movement. They’ll listen to the tone of your voice, and they believe that they can really accurately predict now certain character traits, just through using the AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology on your video interview. That wealth of information is going to be really, really helpful for employers.

伊萬‧威廉姆斯     利物浦大學

At the moment, it tends to be bigger companies who are using video interviews and artificial intelligence.


Bev Nicholas, Michael Page recruitment
For certain types of roles, we work with a number of clients, say within the retail sector where, you know, they’re doing high volumes of recruitment and they’re looking for ways of saving time and also being able to really clear, sort of, vast numbers of applicants through to people that they’re really serious about.

貝芙‧尼古拉斯     米高蒲志招聘顧問公司

Those representing the recruitment industry say these issues need to be considered before making a selection.


Jill Miller, Inclusion Adviser, CIPD
We’ve got some older workers, perhaps, who might not be as savvy with the technology that we’re using. So, I think we need to be quite mindful to be as inclusive and as fair as possible to encourage a wider talent pool to apply.

吉爾‧米勒     文化包容顧問     英國特許人事發展協會

Whether it’s a useful tool, a time saver or another hurdle in a difficult jobs market, as technology improves recorded video interviews will become more common.



character traits 性格特徵

roles 職位

applicants 應聘者、申請者

talent pool 人才儲備庫

jobs market 就業市場


It allows them to save time and reduce vast numbers of applicants to those they are really serious about.