Alaska’s fading coastline 阿拉斯加逐漸消失的海岸線



Alaska’s fading coastline 阿拉斯加逐漸消失的海岸線


有關 「survival(生存)」 的詞彙


Where will the people on the island be moved to?


The top of our world is changing ­– warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. And it is destroying communities.


Alfred Kiyutelluk, Shishmaref resident
My house used to be about 20 feet [6 metres] out, where you see… the water breaks.

阿爾弗雷德‧基尤泰拉克       希什馬廖夫鎮居民

The island of Shishmaref [Alaskan town] is on the frontline of climate change. As temperatures rise, less sea ice forms, exposing the coast.


Alfred Kiyutelluk, Shishmaref resident
It’s getting later and later every year for this ocean to freeze up. It’s tough but [we have] got to keep going.

阿爾弗雷德‧基尤泰拉克       希什馬廖夫鎮居民

As the climate changes, the animals and fish that people here used to live on are getting harder to find.


Howard Weyiouanna Sr, Shishmaref mayor
Right now, we’re supposed to be fishing in the lagoon and up the rivers. Now we’ve got to wait until, like, December or probably January to start going up again.

老霍華德‧維伊烏安納       希什馬廖夫鎮長

Parts of the main road have washed away, and now the air strip that is the community’s lifeline to the outside world is threatened.


Dennis Davis, Shishmaref resident
If it gets to the runway, then we can’t use it anymore. We use the runway for medevacs. We use the runway for getting all our food flown in, all our mail, and passenger service.

丹尼斯‧戴維斯       希什馬廖夫鎮居民

The plan is to move the entire town onto the mainland. It will cost an estimated a hundred and eighty million dollars, but, says Dennis, they’ve got no choice.


Dennis Davis, Shishmaref resident
The climate’s changing so fast. And the storms are getting more violent, and the ice isn’t forming, and the water’s warming. I mean, it’s… I would say, within the next five, ten years, this will all be covered – easy. Just that one or two degrees makes a big difference.

丹尼斯‧戴維斯       希什馬廖夫鎮居民

It isn’t easy to let go of the place where you’ve spent your entire life. But if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t cut rapidly, it is something many millions more people are likely to have to face.



getting harder 變得困難

lifeline 生命線,命脈

medevacs 醫療撤離

let go of 放手,放棄

face 面對,面臨


The plan is to move the entire town onto the mainland.