Australia fires: Farmers face losses 澳大利亞林火:農民面臨損失


Australia fires: Farmers face losses 澳大利亞林火:農民面臨損失


有關 「fire(火)」 的詞彙


What happened to the nine injured cattle found by the Attree family?


Neil Clydesdale takes a hay bale past his dead cattle to feed the rest of his herd. He thinks he’s lost thirty in all. And he has to buy hay for the remainder, because the pastures they usually feed on have been burnt black.


The Attree family had to make a hasty retreat when the fires appeared suddenly on New Year’s Day.


Belinda Attree, farmer
Probably for a good hundred metres or so we were driving through the flames on both sides of the road.

貝琳達‧阿特裡         農民

When they returned, they were faced with eleven dead cattle and another nine were so badly injured they had to be euthanised.


Belinda Attree, farmer
They must just have been in so much pain and that’s… that’s what’s really, really hard. Really, really hard.

貝琳達‧阿特裡         農民

They’re relying on donated hay for the rest of the herd. They vow to rebuild, but, to get up and running again, they’ll need rain.


2019 was Australia’s hottest and driest year on record and the bush fire itself is likely to stretch water resources even further.


There’s good reason to think that damage could get even worse because even though huge areas have been burnt out, there are still plenty of tinder-dry places that could go up between now and the end of the bush fire season.



flames 火焰

bush fire 林區大火

burnt out 燒盡

tinder-dry 極乾燥的、易燃的


They had to be euthanised, meaning killed humanely.