Baby elephant zoo trade banned 野生幼象禁止被賣給動物園



Baby elephant zoo trade banned 野生幼象禁止被賣給動物園


有關 「law(法律)」 的詞彙


Which countries voted against the ban to sell wild baby elephants to zoos?


They are the most majestic of animals. But the African elephant is an endangered species. There are, by some estimates, only a few hundred thousand of them left in the wild. So, from now on it will be prohibited to sell baby elephants to zoos around the world. About time too, according to leading conservation groups.


Will Travers, President, Born Free Foundation
If you imagine what happens when a young elephant is taken away from its family in the wild, shipped to a foreign country to live in an alien environment for the rest of its life – I think most people now agree that that’s inappropriate.

威爾‧特拉弗斯         Born Free Foundation 負責人

Most, but not everyone. Zimbabwe, the world’s biggest exporter, voted against the move, as did the United States. The European Union only came on board late in the day, after reassurances elephants will be allowed to move from one zoo to another.


Audrey Delsink, Humane Society International
This definitely is a win… the checks to try and keep elephants in Africa where they belong is still there. We are disappointed that there was a compromise, which may provide loopholes, and we need to just be vigilant about that.

奧德麗‧德爾辛克         國際人道對待動物協會

The sale of some baby elephants will be allowed under exceptional circumstances and only with international approval. So, not a complete ban. But this has been described as a significant victory in the fight to save the African elephant.



prohibited 禁止

compromise 妥協

loopholes (法律或協議的)漏洞,空子

exceptional circumstances 特殊情況

significant victory 重大勝利


Zimbabwe and the United States voted against the ban.