Badger intruder 毛茸茸的不速之客



Badger intruder 毛茸茸的不速之客


有關 「animal behaviour and characteristics(動物行為和特徵)」 的詞彙


What type of food did Bertie find in the house?


It began as a mystery – who was the nighttime intruder breaking into the Henderson family home? Fortunately, CCTV caught him in the act and they soon got the answer – nose to nose.


Zoe Henderson
I was asleep in bed and heard some noises in the kitchen and sort of stirred. And, as I sort of turned to the side, I felt something sort of on the side of the bed, thinking it was one of the cats trying to get up, and turned around to see a big squishy black nose that was a badger with his two clawed feet on the side of my bed. So, I was a little bit surprised at sort of five o’clock in the morning. I couldn’t believe it. I was amazed.


Seemingly unfazed – and lured by the smell of cat food – the badger came back. And ever since, he’s made himself quite at home.


Zoe Henderson
He’s got bags of personality and he’s not fussed by anyone or anything. Yeah, he’s hilarious. I love him. I’d keep him as a pet, but I don’t think my husband would be very happy about that!


Now nicknamed Bertie, he’s visited more than half a dozen times in the last fortnight. For the Henderson’s, a welcome distraction during lockdown.


Nigel Tolley, Badger Trust
It’s not a rare occasion. I mean, we do get quite a few instances like this. They’ll normally only come up to you when they’ve been imprinted from quite an early age. But this one has obviously – over a period – has got used to the situation and got used to coming in through there, and knows it’ll get some food if it does come in through the cat flap.

奈傑爾‧托利     英國獾信託基金會(Badger Trust)

Bertie is becoming something of a social media star. But he better watch out – the cat food is starting to slow down his quick getaway.



squishy 濕軟的

unfazed 不慌不忙的,若無其事的

lured 被引誘,被誘惑

personality 個性

imprinted 被印刻(動物行為研究術語,指動物剛出生時會學著認知並跟隨最初看到的能活動的生物)


Bertie found cat food in the house.