Boxing to beat Parkinson’s disease 用拳擊對抗帕金森病



Boxing to beat Parkinson’s disease 用拳擊對抗帕金森病


有關 「health and lifestyle(健康與生活方式)」 的詞彙


When was Tommy diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease?


This is training for the body and the brain.


Tommy set up Rock Steady Boxing club three years ago. He trained in America, where the clubs for people with Parkinson’s first began.

三年前,湯米成立了 「穩如磐石(Rock Steady)」 拳擊俱樂部。他曾在美國接受這類訓練,專為帕金森病患者成立的俱樂部就始於那裡。

Tommy O’Connor, Rock Steady Boxing
Well, they’re what motivate me. I have my bad days, exactly the same as the guys here because I was diagnosed in 2013 with it, and it is progressive. Eventually it will overtake [me]. I’ll be here as often as we can, and keep Rock Steady Boxing working, because it does work. It doesn’t cure Parkinson’s, but it will give you a better quality of life.

湯米‧奧康納       「穩如磐石(Rock Steady)」 拳擊俱樂部

Jackie has been coming from the beginning, six years after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.


Jackie Wilson, Parkinson’s patient
I was at rock bottom when I first came here, and it’s given me my confidence back, and made me part of a team, and I’m so much steadier on my feet.

傑琪‧威爾遜       帕金森病患者

Mairead Smyth, BBC correspondent
Medical research shows that these sessions can actually improve neuroplasticity, which means the brain can actually rewire itself around structural damage. And those who take part in these sessions become less dependent on medical intervention.

梅裡德‧斯邁思       BBC通訊員

Dr Ryan Mason, National Health Service
There’s lots of evidence that all of these neurological diseases, and many other diseases, benefit from exercise-orientated therapy. And this specifically attacks the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. So, there are specific stations for balance, for coordination, for tremor, for… even for your voice because the patients often start to talk very quietly. So, the patients walk out of here looking almost sometimes like they don’t have Parkinson’s disease.

瑞安‧梅森醫生       英國國民醫療服務體系

The group is getting back on its feet after the sessions had to go online during the pandemic. Tommy’s keen to get even more men and women involved.


Tommy O’Connor, Rock Steady Boxing
I’ve been inundated with requests to join, which is brilliant. Which means I might have to put more classes on for everybody, because my aim is not to turn people away.

湯米‧奧康納       「穩如磐石(Rock Steady)」 拳擊俱樂部


quality of life 生活質量

rock bottom 最低點,谷底

medical intervention 醫療干預

exercise-orientated therapy 以運動為導向的治療

back on its feet 恢復往日的狀態


He was diagnosed in 2013.