Brexit: The effect on the flower industry 英國脫歐對花卉行業的影響



Brexit: The effect on the flower industry 英國脫歐對花卉行業的影響


有關 「trade(買賣)」 的詞彙


What factors have driven up the cost of flowers?


The skill of arranging flowers comes easily to Morgan, but arranging his company’s finances is proving a nightmare.


Covid, supply problems from Holland and Brexit have driven up costs.


Morgan Douglas Nuth, Florist
Prices to wholesale have increased. Therefore, we’re buying at a higher price – some we can absorb, some we can’t. So, increase to consumer has definitely risen over the past three months.

摩根‧道格拉斯‧努斯     花商

If you’re sending lilies this weekend, there’s a good chance they began their journey in this corner of the Netherlands.


Extra post-Brexit checks on these sorts of flowers have just been pushed back eight months by the British government. But when they do kick in, this grower will have to pay more than a hundred euros every day for an inspector to come and issue a so-called phytosanitary certificate to allow him to export to the UK.


Jaap Moerman, Flower grower
After two years of worrying about Brexit, we thought, the first week it was a bit of a panic and we thought, you know: “Where’s this going with all this paperwork and with all the costs?” Then we thought, “Ah, it was just sort of a ‘millennium bug’ thing” – in the end, it’s all not too bad. But now, with the whole phytosanitary things, we still think ‘yes’, it’s going to be an increase in costs again.

賈普‧摩爾曼     花農
「在為英國脫歐擔憂了兩年之後,在脫歐後的第一週,我們都驚慌失措,心想:要辦理這麼多手續並支付費用,如何是好?然後我們想,其實這和當年的 『千年蟲危機』 大同小異:到頭來只是虛驚一場。但現在,就整個植物檢疫的事情來看,我們還是認為,成本的確又要增加了。」

It looks like they’re shifting stocks and shares, but actually it’s all about seeds and stems. The buyers at this very early morning auction now factor in an eight per cent tax on flowers grown outside the EU, like roses from Kenya that are sorted and sent on to the UK.


But experts say it’s not a simple case of Brexit driving up prices.


Caroline Marshall-Foster, Editor, The Florist magazine
I suspect everybody’s going to be reviewing their prices, simply because, for example, this week alone, the flower prices on the Dutch auction went up forty-one per cent. That’s nothing to do with Brexit or anything – that’s just supply and demand and no business, whether they are gigantic or tiny, can absorb a forty-one per cent increase.

卡羅琳‧馬歇爾‧福斯特     《花商(The Florist)》雜誌編輯

It’s been a chaotic year for the flower world, but this Dutch distribution centre still runs like clockwork. A conveyor belt of celebration, but also of condolence.


The ultimate symbol of how we’re feeling at so many moments in the circle of life.



wholesale 批發

consumer 消費者

auction 拍賣會

supply and demand 供求(關係)

like clockwork 準時地,有條不紊地


Covid, supply problems from Holland and Brexit have driven up costs.