Britain’s lost Lego 被沖上海灘的樂高積木



Britain’s lost Lego 被沖上海灘的樂高積木


有關 「the beach and the ocean(海灘與海洋)」 的詞彙


How long can plastic last in the ocean?


Tracey Williams can spot a piece of Lego where others just see seaweed and sand. The pieces that wash up here tell a story that’s been unfolding in wave after wave for the past 25 years.


One piece became thousands. Flippers, boats, even sea rocks that were then colonised before washing ashore.


Some are common. This is the rarest. Tracey has seen just two green dragons in 25 years.


Tracey Williams, beachcomber
So, there were over 33,000 dragons on this ship.

特蕾西‧威廉姆斯     海灘拾荒者

Andrew Plant, BBC correspondent
And presumably, along, you found most of the pieces along, along the shoreline yourself, but you’ve never found one of these.

安德魯‧普蘭特     BBC通訊員

Tracey Williams, beachcomber
I’ve never found a green dragon.

特蕾西‧威廉姆斯     海灘拾荒者

Andrew Plant, BBC correspondent
Tell me about the green dragon.

安德魯‧普蘭特     BBC通訊員

Tracey Williams, beachcomber
So, back in ’97 our next-door neighbour found one of the green dragons, and then this week a beach cleaner here in North Cornwall [England] found one, so, and that’s it – so, the green dragon.

特蕾西‧威廉姆斯     海灘拾荒者

25 years ago, this ship lost 62 containers 20 miles off the coast. One was full of five million pieces of Lego.


Where it washes up now has told scientists much about the ocean currents, but also about how plastic in our oceans can last not just for decades, but hundreds of years.


Claire Giner, The 2 Minute Foundation
So, all of these bits here that are less than half a centimetre are considered a microplastic, and eventually these will break up into smaller and smaller pieces and become nanoplastic. We have no way of measuring how much is out there in the oceans and how much is coming in on every single tide. But if you ask anyone that looks at the beaches and looks at the microplastics, they will tell you just how many thousands of bits there are.

克萊爾‧傑納     兩分鐘基金會(The 2 Minute Foundation)

There is now a worldwide community using social media to map new finds.


Tracey has even written a book of what’s been washed up.


Finding that first Lego brick, the start of her piecing together how plastic stays in our seas, and always hoping in the seaweed, somewhere, a green dragon will finally surface.



wash up 被沖上岸

shoreline 海岸線

off the coast 距離海岸

ocean currents 洋流

tide 潮起潮落,潮汐


Plastic can last in the ocean for hundreds of years.