Camping on a cliff edge 懸崖上的露營體驗


Camping on a cliff edge 懸崖上的露營體驗


有關 「business activities(商業活動)」 的詞彙


How do you reach your bed on the cliff?


Well, at least you don’t have to pitch a tent!


Portland in Dorset [in the UK], where Eddy Young is finding that a lot of people want to try cliff camping.


Eddy Young, Young’s Adventure Solutions
The idea of cliff camping is you come down to the cliff edge. You make sure you’ve got some safety equipment on. Then you abseil. You have a really nice relaxing evening, as relaxing as it can be. And then… leave you to have a good night’s sleep. 『Cause everybody’s been literally cooped up for such a long time, I think they just want to escape.

埃迪‧揚     Young’s Adventure Solutions

The tourist industry has been transformed by the pandemic. During the summer, there were days when the UK’s beaches were packed – foreign travel for many no longer an option. But many went to the seaside on last-minute day trips. So, hotels and bed and breakfasts didn’t necessarily see the benefit.


Visit Britain’s latest forecast is for a 49 per cent decline in domestic tourism spending this year. That’s a 45 billion pound loss to the economy.


Eddy Young
At the moment, the rules and regulations are changing so frequently, a lot of the outdoor centres have diversified to offering camping. That’s actually been a saving grace for them.


Tim Muffett, BBC reporter
This feels so weird.

蒂姆‧馬費特     BBC通訊員

Eddy Young
Alright? How’s that feeling?


Tim Muffett
I’ve done a few camping trips before. Nothing quite like this!


Eddy Young
Unless you are a climber going into the biggest sort of mountains, you don’t really get this experience.


Tim Muffett
So, this is where I’m supposed to sleep. Tell us, how do I go to the loo?


Eddy Young
Well, it’s a bit graphical [graphic], Tim. But can you see this tube that we’ve got down here?


Tim Muffett


Eddy Young
So, if you do need to go when you’ve got to go, then you’ve got to be very balanced and delicate and you need to aim it into a plastic bag and then put the plastic bag in that sealed unit. What we don’t want to do is have an effect on the environment.


Many businesses are having to adapt to survive. Offering something different can help. When it comes to camping, this is different.


Right, then. Time to get into my sleeping bag.


The most socially distanced camping experience you could wish for.



cooped up 被關起來的

transformed 使…大變樣

diversified 多樣化

saving grace 可取之處,好處

adapt 改變…以適應不同情況


You have to abseil down the cliff to reach your bed.