Cancer blood test trial 英國啟動癌症血液檢測臨床試驗



Cancer blood test trial 英國啟動癌症血液檢測臨床試驗


有關 「medicine(醫學)」 的詞彙


What was wrong with previous tests?


In a retail park in Runcorn in Cheshire [England], one of the world’s largest clinical trials is getting underway.


The first of thousands of volunteers are giving blood samples – to be tested for the presence of tiny traces of DNA linked to tumours – a warning of future disease.

首批數千名志願者正在提供血樣,以檢測其中是否存在與腫瘤相關的微量 DNA(脫氧核糖核酸),這是對未來患病可能的一種警告。

Volunteers like Stuart, a serving fire brigade officer.


Stuart Devereux, trial volunteer
It seemed a good opportunity to actually become involved with something. Sadly, most of us are touched by cancer at some time in our lives. I thought, well, actually early detection is one thing that is going to help in our armoury against that.

斯圖爾特‧德弗羅       試驗志願者

Detecting and treating cancer early is the key to a successful recovery. But some cancers, like those of the head and neck or the pancreas, are hard to spot in the early stages. This blood test could help – and avoid invasive procedures like biopsies.


Dominic Hughes, BBC correspondent
For years, scientists have been trying to develop a simple blood test that could detect cancers before any symptoms became obvious, but they really struggled because the tests just weren’t accurate enough ­– there were either too many false positives or false negatives. Now, though, they think they have made a real breakthrough.

多米尼克‧休斯       BBC通訊員

Sir Harpal Kumar, President, GRAIL Europe
So, technology is really what’s made the difference here. First of all, we need to be able to detect really minute quantities of DNA in our blood, and our ability to do that has improved markedly over the last several years.

哈帕爾‧庫馬爾爵士       GRAIL(生物醫藥科技公司)歐洲主管
「技術是助我們取得突破的真正推動力。首先,我們需要能夠檢測出血液中極微量的 DNA(脫氧核糖核酸),而我們的檢測能力在過去幾年間有了顯著的提升。

The second thing is the power of modern computing really – so we’ve looked at data from tens of thousands of people, and we’ve used that data to really optimise the test.


This is just the start of a clinical trial, but if the promise of this simple test is fulfilled, it could mark the beginning of a revolution in cancer treatment.



blood samples 血液樣本

tumours 腫瘤

early detection (疾病的)早期發現

invasive procedures 侵入性醫療程序

symptoms 症狀


They were not accurate enough.