Comics from Africa 來自非洲的漫畫


Comics from Africa 來自非洲的漫畫


有關 「new creativity(新鮮創意)」 的詞彙


At the Lagos Comic Convention, what can be done as well as just buying books?


Meet Dayo – a valiant warrior and an African superhero. He’s the main character in a comic book called Trials of the Spear. Mixing tribal traditions with so-called Afro Futurism – it’s part of a movement to put African comics on the map.

來認識一下戴奧 —— 一名英勇的戰士和一位非洲的超級英雄。他是漫畫書《矛的試煉》(Trials of the Spear)中的主角。漫畫將部落傳統和所謂的非洲未來主義相結合,這是非洲漫畫推向世界的部分舉措

The company behind it is called Comic Republic, based in Lagos. They produce books and animation. Their mission – to create African heroes and icons.

這部作品背後的公司名為漫畫共和國(Comic Republic),總部設在拉各斯。他們製作書籍和動畫。他們的使命是創造非洲的英雄角色和偶像。

Jide Martin, Founder and Chief Executive of Comic Republic
We are telling an international story about people who are ready, who are there and have the capacity to do good… we are big on diversity and we are doing it from the African perspective, Nigeria to be particular.

吉德‧馬丁    漫畫共和國(Comic Republic)創始人兼總裁

This is the Lagos Comic Convention, a chance for superhero fans to come together. But it’s not just about buying books – it’s about creating them too.


Ayodele Elegba, Founder of Lagos Comic Con
It’s awesome. It’s a big one. It’s a big deal. You know, so Lagos Comic Con has been able to discover new talents. People that come to Lagos Comic Con see what’s possible and then they go back and start their company. The entrepreneurship mindset just kicks in and they want to start something of their own.

阿尤迪利‧伊裡巴     拉各斯動漫展覽會創始人

It seems comic books are booming. Not just in Nigeria, but all across the continent: a medium seen as quintessentially American being reborn in Africa.




put (something) on the map 使(某物)出名


talents 人才

entrepreneurship 創業精神,創業能力


As well as just buying books, new ones are also created.