Cooking classes for elderly men 專為老年男性開設的烹飪班



Cooking classes for elderly men 專為老年男性開設的烹飪班


有關 “taking care of somebody 照顧人” 的詞彙


What generation of men in particular in Britain have never learned to cook?


Frank, cookery student
I really have to look after her.

法蘭克 烹飪班學生

Frank and Marion have been married for 63 years.


Frank, cookery student
I’m her carer. And she’s not a well lady.

法蘭克 烹飪班學生

Marion used to do most of the cooking but she has Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia – so that’s becoming harder. So Frank has been going to cooking classes run by Age UK, Barnet, aimed at men who, like Frank, would like to cook but have never learned.  

過去多是瑪麗昂下廚,但因為她現在患有阿茲海默症,即最常見的失智症類型,做飯對她來說變得越來越難。所以,法蘭克近期參加了由慈善機構 “Age UK” 在巴尼特區開辦的烹飪課,此課程著眼於法蘭克這樣從沒學過但想要開始做飯的男性。

Cookery student
My wife passed away three years ago and I’ve relied entirely on her capabilities as a wife and a cook.


Nancy runs the class voluntarily.


Nancy Nelson, Age UK volunteer
You’ve got a whole generation of men out there this particular age – between 70s and 80s, even up to 90 – who’ve never learned to cook. That was the generation that didn’t do it. So they come to these classes, they get some skills, they get some company and they have a bit of fun as well.

南茜·尼爾森 “Age UK” 志願者

There are classes like this across the UK but Age UK would like to offer more – a way of tackling loneliness and boosting healthy eating.

英國各地都有類似的烹飪班,但 “Age UK” 想提供更多服務,以解決老年孤獨和促進健康飲食的方法。

Frank, cookery student
If it wasn’t for this, I would be absolutely useless at home. I can now do my share of cooking at home, take a weight off my wife’s shoulders. And really, it’s the greatest thing that’s happened to me in years.

法蘭克 烹飪班學生

What’s it like now Frank’s been going to these cooking classes?


Marion, cookery student’s wife
Well, it’s very good actually because it’s good experience for him.

瑪麗昂 烹飪班學生法蘭克的妻子

Do you have a favourite dish he can now cook?


Marion, cookery student’s wife
Chicken, I think. Chicken.

瑪麗昂 烹飪班學生法蘭克的妻子


look after (somebody) 照顧(某人)

carer 護理員

relied on 依靠、依賴

take a weigh off somebody’s shoulders 令某人感到如釋重負


Apparently, women still do the vast majority of cooking in the average British household. 76% of the women who took part in a survey by BBC Good Food magazine said the task would generally fall to them.

根據調查,在普通英國家庭中,女性仍承擔絕大部分下廚的責任。在參與由《BBC 美食》雜誌開展的調查的女性中,有76%的人說這項任務通常會落在她們身上。


According to Age UK volunteer Nancy Nelson, a generation of men between 70 and 90 years old have never learned to cook.