Coronavirus – help on two wheels 為抗擊新冠肺炎出力 騎摩托車送愛心


Coronavirus – help on two wheels 為抗擊新冠肺炎出力 騎摩托車送愛心


有關 「isolation(隔離)」 的詞彙


How many people have volunteered to join Bodmin Bikers so far?


Travelling on Cornwall’s now empty roads (in the UK), these bikers are on a mission.


Kye Smith, Bodmin Bikers
I’m Kye. I work in the emergency services and I formed Bodmin Bikers. Bodmin Bikers is a delivery team for medication from doctors’ surgeries to pharmacies. We’re also a food delivery, so if you need your essentials… bread, milk.

凱‧史密斯     「博德明騎手」(Bodmin Bikers)
「我是凱。我在緊急救援機構工作,我組建了 『博德明騎手』(Bodmin Bikers)。『博德明騎手』 是一支藥物遞送團隊,可以把藥物送到社區診所和藥房等地。我們也送食物,所以如果你需要必需品(我們也可以送),比如面包、牛奶。」

The group don’t charge for delivery and was set up to help vulnerable people stuck at home unable to get essentials.


Jason Martin
We’ve been trying to self-isolate as much as possible and go out as little as possible. And Sarah, my partner, she suffers quite badly with asthma as well. So, as a family, we’ve just, yes, tried to keep ourselves to ourselves as much as possible, and these gentlemen make it so much easier.


Since starting, just a couple of weeks ago, eighteen people have now volunteered, including a chef, plumber and supermarket worker.


Brandon Lee, Bodmin Bikers
I’m Brandon, AKA Spider-Man, part of Bodmin Bikers. People see us riding around, they wave at us. It was really nice to see. You know, to go out, make people happy, make them laugh. And I just thought, you know, give people a bit of happiness while we’re in this pandemic at the moment.

布蘭登‧李     「博德明騎手」(Bodmin Bikers)
「我是布蘭登,人稱 『蜘蛛俠』,『博德明騎手』 的一員。人們看到我們騎著摩托車,就向我們招手。看到這樣的情景真讓人高興。我們走出去,讓人們開心,讓人們開懷大笑。我就是覺得,在疫情當下,這樣做能給人們帶來一絲歡樂。」

The gang are a mix of ages, including one who has only just got his bike licence.


Even though they didn’t know each other until recently, it seems they’ll be riding together long after the lockdown.


Dan Isted, Bodmin Bikers
After this is all over, I think we are all going to go out on a ride out. I think we are one big family and we’ll stick together, definitely.

丹‧伊斯泰德     「博德明騎手」(Bodmin Bikers)


stuck at home 被困家中

self-isolate 自我隔離

keep ourselves to ourselves 避免與他人接觸,不與人來往

lockdown 緊急時期的封鎖

stick together 團結一心,相互支持


Eighteen people have now volunteered.