Coronavirus: How to avoid back pain while working from home 新冠肺炎期間居家辦公 如何防腰痛?


Coronavirus: How to avoid back pain while working from home 新冠肺炎期間居家辦公 如何防腰痛?


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According to the advice given, what should you do in your lunch hour?


There’s a lot of people working from home right now, which means dealing with some questionable postures. So, how do you work remotely while avoiding aches and pains? We got in touch with an expert.


Alishah Merchant, physiotherapist
I think it’s important not to overthink things and I think just think of the general concepts.

艾莉莎‧麥錢特     理療醫師

Get up and move. Our body needs movement and so you can have the most perfect posture for eight hours, you’ll still be sore and you could still end up with, you know, some sort of ache, pain or injury.


I think it is important to have that variability, so if you can set up a standing station, you know, you spend half your time sitting, half your time standing – but just watch when you’re standing, too, that you’re not getting into habits where you’re putting all your weight of one of your upper extremities on your countertop.


But if you’re sitting at a desk, your head, shoulders and neck are not in the most ideal position. You likely have a few books that you can grab. It’s ideal to lift that laptop up a little bit, so that your screen is actually in line with your eye gaze.


The ideal situation would be that you have some sort of external keyboard and mouse that you can then connect so that your keyboard and mouse are in an optimal position with your laptop up on something.


Rolling up a small towel and putting it in the small of your back, that towel will force your low back to stay in a good position and keep you from sitting on your tailbone.


Don’t freak out if you feel a little bit of back pain. It’s probably going to happen, it would probably happen in your office environment as well.


Maybe even take a nice walk at lunch hour and try and get those little pieces of activity and movement through your day. And if those little aches and pains don’t disappear by doing those things, there are tons of great providers that are available at the moment that are offering virtual services.



postures 姿勢

aches and pains 各種各樣的疼痛

extremities 四肢,手足

small of your back 腰部


Physiotherapist Alishah Merchant suggests taking a nice walk in your lunch hour.