Coronavirus – lessons from an ancient plague village 新冠病毒:從阻止瘟疫傳播的英國村莊取經


Coronavirus – lessons from an ancient plague village 新冠病毒:從阻止瘟疫傳播的英國村莊取經


有關 「survival(生存)」 的詞彙


How many people died in Eyam during the plague 350 years ago?


In a crisis that reaches everywhere, even the remotest places could have lessons for us all. In Eyam in Derbyshire, the memory of lives lost centuries ago is motivating a response in the present.


These are the names of long-dead villagers who, 350 years ago, became infected with plague and sealed themselves off to stop the disease spreading. 260 villagers died.


It was the rector, William Mompesson, who inspired his people to isolate and save others. Today, the rector of Eyam is himself in quarantine, as his wife has symptoms of coronavirus.


Fergal Keane, BBC reporter
Are you awed or inspired by the example of your predecessor, centuries ago?

費加爾‧基恩     BBC 通訊員
「幾個世紀前, 你的前輩立下了榜樣,你對此感到敬畏或受到鼓舞嗎?」

Reverend Mike Gilbert
Often when I walked through church and seen his name on the rectors’ board, I thought ‘I wonder what would happen if it happened today and how I would measure up?’ and I guess I’m finding that one out now.

「當我穿過教堂,在歷代牧師的牌匾上看到他的名字時,我常常想:『如果這樣的事情發生在今天會是什麼情況,我該怎樣才能做得像他一樣好呢?』 我覺得現在就是考驗我的時候了。」

Reverend Gilbert relies on social media to direct the parish response.


Reverend Mike Gilbert
Already, we’ve had lovely acts of kindness of people collecting things, with people supporting.


Next door in the village school, the headmistress is preparing to send most children home. Eyam school will stay open for the children of key workers in the health and emergency services. It is in the nature of this close-knit place that many children have grandparents who either live with them or nearby.


The village committee is now visiting the elderly – like ninety-five-year-old widow Sheila Vipan. In World War Two, Sheila was evacuated away from her parents for four years. She’s known this nation’s darkest hours.


Sheila Vipan
That’s right. I’ve got to be a bit careful, at 95. Try and do things that help one to smile or to laugh even. I’ve just fed the birds. Yes, I must keep them happy.


Here, they’re determined not just to endure this crisis, but, with humanity, to transcend it.



isolate 隔離

measure up 做得像某人一樣,比得上

acts of kindness 善舉

close-knit 緊密團結的,關係融洽的

humanity 仁慈,博愛


260 villagers died.