Dealing with Rome’s starling problem 羅馬市政府為維護城市環境 用激光驅趕歐椋鳥



Dealing with Rome’s starling problem 羅馬市政府為維護城市環境 用激光驅趕歐椋鳥


有關 「humans vs nature(人類與自然)」 的詞彙


How are Rome city officials encouraging the starlings to leave?


In the Roman twilight, nature’s great dancers flock to the stage.


The acrobatic twirls like wisps of smoke.


A synchronised spectacle of breathtaking beauty.


The starlings migrate in winter, south to Africa, nesting at night in central Rome for warmth, flying in formation to avoid predators.


A murmuration it’s called, and this city of art marvels at the show.

這就是所謂的 「椋鳥群飛」 現象,這座藝術之城對這場空中演出讚不絕口。

But beneath their charm, Rome is rotting, and it’s a hell of a mess.


Mark Lowen, BBC correspondent
In the cold light of day, the other side of these gorgeous birds is clear. And for those unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is not exactly sightly, it can be a safety hazard, and I can tell you that even with a mask, the stench is rancid.

馬克‧洛文     BBC通訊員

「I slipped on the droppings when it was muddy,」 this man says, 「the world has invented everything, just not bird underpants!」

「有一次,泥濘不堪的道路上滿是鳥糞,我滑倒了。」 這位男士說到,他還說:「人類發明了一切,就是沒發明給鳥穿的內褲!」

Beside the ancient forum, a new attempt to try to solve the problem.


City officials shining lasers onto trees, which the birds dislike, prompting them to move on.


The project is focused on Rome’s tourist heart, in a bid to clean up its image.


Marco Leva, Environmental Officer
This doesn’t cause the birds any stress – it’s more like a nuisance for them. I do this work, but I’m actually a nature lover. We’re not stopping them from sleeping, we’re just telling them to find another location, and it works ­– this tree used to be completely full, and now there are about ten percent of what there were.

馬可‧萊瓦      環境官員

In ancient Rome the starlings were seen to augur the gods’ wishes. Centuries on, these dazzling creatures keep visiting. How man and nature can coexist is the eternal problem of the Eternal City.



predators 捕食者,食肉動物

murmuration 椋鳥群飛

nuisance 惱人的事物,麻煩事

augur 預示

coexist 共存,共處


City officials are shining lasers onto trees, which the birds dislike, prompting them to move on.