‘Deepest sleep in the world’ – a Welsh hotel that’s 419m underground “世界最深的地下住宿” —— 威爾士一旅館開在地下419米處



‘Deepest sleep in the world’ – a Welsh hotel that’s 419m underground “世界最深的地下住宿” —— 威爾士一旅館開在地下419米處


The rugged landscape surrounding Eryri Snowdonia. But it’s what’s under these hills we’re interested in today.


George Herd, BBC reporter
“So we’ve made our way up to an old quarry on the edge of Snowdonia, where we’re hoping to find the deepest sleep in the world. A hotel where there’s no real reception. We have to make our own way down and for that, we’re gonna need some very special gear.”

喬治·赫德       BBC通訊員

This is the Cwmorthin slate mine near Blaenau Ffestiniog in Gwynedd. Once hundreds of men worked here, before it was abandoned during the Second World War.


It’s our job to navigate five massive floors underground, with scrambles down steep inclines, flooded chambers and dangerous hazards lit only by a head torch.


George Herd, BBC reporter
“When they said go underground and have a look at some accommodation, I didn’t exactly expect to be doing this, but let’s give it a go.”

喬治·赫德       BBC通訊員

After an arduous two-hour descent, we finally arrive at our destination, nearly half a kilometre underground.


Mike Morris, Operations Manager, Go Below
“This is Deep Sleep, the deepest underground accommodation in the world. We’ll head to the first of our four cabins and take a look. So it’s nice and cosy in here. You can feel the heat as you walk in. You get a brilliant night’s sleep here. It’s got a comfier bed than my bed at home, I think.”

邁克·莫里斯       Go Below 地下探險公司    營運經理
“這裡是 ‘深度睡眠’,世界最深的地下住宿。我們去看看四個小屋中的第一個。這裡舒適又愜意。走進來的時候就能感到這裡很暖和。在這裡可以美美地睡一晚上。我覺得這裡的床比我家的床還舒服。”

Every part of this was hand built on the surface, before being flat-packed and painstakingly carried down, piece by piece.


Mike Morris, Operations Manager, Go Below
“A lot of people come here, they book a hotel, and they go on an adventure. I’d like to think that we’ve kind of combined the two. They can come and do an adventure and sleep underground at the same time. We know people are gonna love it or else we wouldn’t have created this space.”

邁克·莫里斯       Go Below 地下探險公司    營運經理

Food underground is included: freeze dried expedition meals, hot and filling, but don’t expect them to be Michelin star.


One last thing: alcohol is banned for safety. After all, you still have to climb all the way back up again to reach daylight.