Dog rescue with a drone 無人機協助尋找走失寵物狗



Dog rescue with a drone 無人機協助尋找走失寵物狗


有關 「seeing things(視覺)」 的詞彙


How many dogs have been found with the help of Erica’s drone?


Meet Chester. He’s now safely back home with his owner, but a few months ago he went missing for three nights.


Lea Williams, dog owner
I went for a walk up to a local beauty spot and Chester [was] running about – out of nowhere, two lurchers appeared, attacked him. He got scared and ran off in an unfamiliar direction. I can only speak for myself, it’s like losing a family member, I would say. My daughter – she didn’t sleep for three days. She just thought her pet was gone.

李‧威廉姆斯       狗主人

The family had almost lost hope until Erica decided to offer her services. She uses a drone, worth almost 7,000 pounds, to help find lost dogs by using thermal imaging technology.


Jacob Tomlinson, BBC correspondent
The drone is equipped with a hi-tech thermal imaging camera which can detect heat signatures from up to 250 feet [76 metres] in the air. Therefore, when Erica is asked to help out in a search for a dog, she simply turns up to the dog’s last known location, sets up the drone and up it goes. Having found more than 160 dogs, it’s proved pretty successful.

雅各布‧湯姆林森       BBC通訊員

And it’s easy to see why. Can you spot Chester running around these woods? To the naked eye or even a normal drone, it’s virtually impossible, but pop the thermal image up and he jumps out, allowing his owner to bring him safely back home.


Having saved hundreds of dogs, the method is clearly working. Erica doesn’t charge for her services and instead does it for the pleasure of seeing the owners reunited.


Erica Hart, drone owner
I’ve seen it first-hand what it does to people when they lose dogs, and I know how much it must hurt to them, losing that loved one. It’s like winning [the] lottery – it’s… it is absolutely priceless.

艾麗卡‧哈特       無人機的主人

Erica’s drone has helped create countless happy endings and is sure to make many more in the future.



thermal imaging 熱成像技術

heat signatures 熱信號,熱標記

spot 看見,發現

the naked eye 肉眼

jumps out 容易引起注意


More than 160 dogs.