‘Extinct’ fish returns to the wild 「已滅絕」 魚類物種重現生機



‘Extinct’ fish returns to the wild 「已滅絕」 魚類物種重現生機


有關 「disappearing and reappearing(消失和重現)」 的詞彙


How many animals were introduced to the wild?


A little-known species with an extraordinary story. The Tequila fish is a small freshwater fish that lives in the rivers and lakes of southwest Mexico.


But it’s been missing, presumed extinct, for more than a decade. And it’s just one of thousands of aquatic creatures that are facing extinction, but have slipped under the radar.


Now with the help of conservationists at Chester Zoo (England), scientists in Mexico have reversed that extinction – bringing captive-bred fish back to the wild.


The team has now confirmed that the fish are breeding and that the population is recovering here.


Gerardo Garcia, Chester Zoo
They’re doing well. They started with the introduction of 1,500 animals. So, now we are talking about from 1,500 individuals now to tens of thousands. And now what we’re seeing is that this species is slowly [started] expanding into the river system, which is exactly what we wanted. So that is a very good start and hopefully that will be more species looking forward.

傑勒多‧加西亞       賈斯特動物園

Among the estimated one million species under threat around the world, a third of wildlife that depends on freshwater habitats are sliding towards extinction.


And the ongoing loss of clean, healthy rivers and lakes threatens our food and water supplies too.


So here in Jalisco, Mexico, the community stepped in – local people trained with the scientists to take on long-term monitoring of this vital river network to ensure it’s clean and healthy for both people and wildlife.


Amid a biodiversity crisis, it’s a sign that with people’s help, nature can make a comeback.



missing 消失的

under the radar 未被察覺

bringing (something) back 放回,重新引入

recovering 恢復,回升

make a comeback 重現生機,再度興起


1,500 animals were introduced to the wild.