Famous London museum reopens 英國自然歷史博物館重新開放



Famous London museum reopens 英國自然歷史博物館重新開放


有關 「museums(博物館)」 的詞彙


How old is Sophie the Stegosaurus?


A cathedral to nature, forced into an unseasonal hibernation.


The pandemic closed the Natural History Museum for its longest period since World War Two. And like businesses everywhere as they reopen, fewer people will be coming to visit.


Clare Matterson, Executive Director of Engagement, Natural History Museum
It’ll be about 15 percent of what we would normally expect at this time of the year. So that’s why it’s important to book your ticket online and then we can carefully limit numbers – make sure everyone is really safe. And the great thing about our spaces, as you can see, is they’re big, open, airy spaces. So we have a few galleries [which are] one way, but in the other spaces you will be free to roam.

克萊爾‧馬特森    英國自然歷史博物館對外合作執行總監

Exploring is the aim when you visit. Yet washing your hands, sanitising and staying apart are the drill, like everywhere.


The museum has the most extensive natural history collection in the world – 80 million items.


A government support package to protect the future of theatres, galleries and museums around the UK was announced last month, worth one point five billion pounds to the sector.


But there is nervousness about what the constantly changing health situation could mean.


Lorraine Cornish, Head of Conservation, Natural History Museum
We know that there’s a possibility that something may come along that means we might have to close again. But at the moment, we’re making the most of the opportunity to open up the museum. The public can have a great time.

羅琳‧科尼什     英國自然歷史博物館藏品保護負責人

At a hundred and fifty million years old, Sophie the Stegosaurus has endured it all. But will enough of us come to visit to see her through the next few?

一億五千萬歲的劍龍骨架 「索菲」 已經飽受時間的磨練。但我們中的多少人,會在未來幾年中去看她呢?


airy 寬敞明亮的

galleries 展廳,展廊

exploring 探索

extensive 數量多、涵蓋範圍廣的


She is a hundred and fifty million (150,000,000) years old.