Flying car 荷蘭公司計畫推出會飛的汽車



Flying car 荷蘭公司計畫推出會飛的汽車


有關 “retail(零售)” 的詞彙


How long does it take to turn the plane into a car?


For as long as there’ve been cars and planes, someone has been trying to combine the two. This Italian model was built in the 1940s.


The trouble is, they’ve never been really practical, but now things could be about to change.

但問題是,之前的 “飛車” 都不實用,現在情況可能即將改變。

Andy Wall, Sales Director, PAL-V
So, we had to stop dreaming, and we are now at the very last stage of processing the regulations within permissions for flight with this vehicle. So… It’s getting so close.

安迪·沃爾       PAL-V 銷售總監


The PAL-V Liberty is made by a Dutch company which is nearing the end of the long process to get everything licensed and approved.

“PAL-V Liberty” 由一家荷蘭公司製造,經過長期努力,這家公司即將得到全部許可及批准。

The question is, who is going to buy one? Well, they’ve already got lots of orders.


Marco van den Bosch, Chief Commercial Officer, PAL-V
This is the fastest way to become a pilot. So, there’s always a small James Bond seat in every heart of every guy and every girl, so that’s where we’re selling to.

馬可·范登博什       PAL-V 首席商務官

It takes less than ten minutes to turn it from a plane to a car. You could land it at any airfield and then drive home.


If you want to buy one of these, it’s going to cost you €300,000. It sounds a lot, but probably a snip if you want to be at the forefront of what they’re promising will be a new motoring and aviation revolution.


You’ll need a private pilot’s licence [in the UK], but you can learn both here in Coventry and in Oxford.


There’ve been many false starts in bringing a flying plane to market. Next year, they reckon, is when you may see one driving along a street near you.

飛行汽車推向市場的嘗試中,失敗的案例屢見不鮮。但就在明年,你可能會看到一輛 “飛車” 在你家附近的街邊駛過。


model 型號,車型

processing 辦理,處理

licensed 得到許可的

orders 訂單

bring (something) to market 把……推向市場


According to PAL-V, it takes less than ten minutes.