Following whales round the Southern Ocean 跟蹤南極海附近遷徙的鯨魚



Following whales round the Southern Ocean 跟蹤南極海(南冰洋)附近遷徙的鯨魚


有關 「researching animals(研究動物)」 的詞彙


Where is the whales’ main wintering ground?


In New Zealand, southern right whales were hunted to near extinction about a century ago. Since that time, the population has slowly recovered.


Dr Emma Carroll, University of Auckland
My name is Dr Emma Carroll. I’m the lead scientist on a research project called ‘Tohora no Aotearoa’, which is a Maori phrase that means ‘southern right whales of New Zealand’. We estimated there are around 2000 whales in 2009.

艾瑪‧卡羅爾博士       新西蘭奧克蘭大學
「我是艾瑪‧卡羅爾博士。我是一個名為 『Tohora no Aotearoa’ 的研究項目的首席科學家,這是一個毛利語短語,意思是 『新西蘭南露脊鯨』。我們在2009年估計約有2000頭鯨魚。

However, nobody’s really gone back to look at them over the last decade.


And so, this year and last year, we conducted surveys at their main wintering ground down in the Auckland Islands, which is about 450 kilometres south of the main islands of New Zealand.


[TEXT ON SCREEN: Permission is needed to visit the area, and the weather is harsh. Emma’s team have been tracking where the whales feed and whether climate change is affecting their behaviour. 訪問這個地區需要許可,而且天氣惡劣。艾瑪的團隊一直在追蹤這些鯨魚的覓食地,並關注氣候變化是否在影響其行為。]

Dr Emma Carroll, University of Auckland
So, what we did is we used satellite tags to track their migrations out of that Auckland Islands wintering ground and follow them around the Southern Ocean.

艾瑪‧卡羅爾博士       新西蘭奧克蘭大學

The whales are still transmitting, we’re still collecting a lot of data, but already what we’ve found has been quite surprising. Historically, we knew that southern right whales from New Zealand would travel north and east of New Zealand during those spring and summer months. However, none of our tracked whales show those migration patterns, and instead, most of them actually go west.


[Surprisingly one whale, dubbed Bill, kept transmitting for a year. He went on the longest migration ever recorded for the species. 令人驚訝的是,一頭名叫比爾的鯨魚在一年內持續傳送信號。它進行了有記錄以來該物種距離最長的遷徙。]

Dr Emma Carroll, University of Auckland
So, these results are actually pretty important and give us hope for this population because Bill or Wiremu the whale is actually feeding in areas south of Australia, as well as along the Antarctic coast. And so what that says is, you know, maybe one of those regions won’t be so good and won’t have as much prey one year, but maybe the other will, and so there is resilience there. And so that gives us hope that even with changing oceans, these whales have more than one strategy that they can use to find lots of food.

艾瑪‧卡羅爾博士       新西蘭奧克蘭大學

I’m really proud of the fact that we are using all of these modern tools to get a really complete picture of not just their recovery but how they’re using the oceans. And we’re able to bring those two aspects together to get a really good picture of where this population is at and how it might go in the future.



conducted 開展了

tags 追蹤定位裝置

track 跟蹤

migrations 遷移

transmitting 傳播信號


Their main wintering ground is in the Auckland Islands – about 450 kilometres south of the main islands of New Zealand.