Free flowers to bring happiness 英國公益送花活動向陌生人傳遞快樂


Free flowers to bring happiness 英國公益送花活動向陌生人傳遞快樂


有關 「happiness(快樂)」 的詞彙


Which word is used to describe a collection of flowers, tied together and arranged attractively?


A gift of flowers is designed to lift the spirits and that’s the idea behind the 『Leaving Smiles UK’ initiative – leaving bunches of blooms in public places for strangers to find.

送花的目的是讓人高興,這就是 「英國留下微笑」(Leaving Smiles UK)活動,在公共場所留下一束束鮮花,為陌生人製造一場與花的邂逅。

Ivan Amaral, Leaving Smiles UK
It’s a gift from a stranger. Throughout these times it’s hard to speak to people, it’s hard to get in contact with people, so strangers are who you are going to see. And if we leave the gifts with them and hopefully they kind of spread it. That’s what we’re looking for.

伊凡‧阿馬拉爾     英國留下微笑(Leaving Smiles UK)

The florist is donating 50 bunches of flowers each week to volunteers, via social media, who then leave them in random places with a card saying 『Please take me’.

這家花店每週通過社交媒體向志願者們捐贈50束鮮花,然後志願者們會把花束放在隨機的地點,並附上一張寫有 「請帶走我」 的卡片。

Lovely! I’m going to take this gorgeous bouquet of flowers and leave it for a stranger somewhere and see if we can spread a smile today.


Smiles that can be seen on the faces of three people who’ve already taken part in the scheme. Strangers once – now connected through the campaign’s hashtag on Instagram.

已經參與這個活動的三個人臉上都露出了笑容。他們曾素不相識,卻通過社交應用 「照片牆」(Instagram)上的活動話題標籤建立了聯繫。

Olly Pittaway
During lockdown when everyone’s been a bit glum and they can’t see their friends or family, I think it’s important to be able to spread like, a little bit of joy to someone’s life. Even if it’s just leaving a bouquet of flowers somewhere.


Alex Biggart
We went up and saw a little tag just basically on the flowers saying 『Take me’ so, being a Yorkshire lad, I thought 『it’s free. I’ll have that!』

「我們走上前去,看到花上放了一個小卡片,上面寫著 『帶我走』,作為一個約克郡的小夥兒,我想:這花是免費的。我要了!」

Romey Norton
When you start to think about it, it’s such a small gesture that can mean so much. And after such hardship and people going through more than you can imagine, so, little things like this can really help boost people’s morale and confidence.


Olly Pittaway
It brought a massive smile to my face when I saw them because I realised it impacted their day in a positive way. And it’s a little gesture from me which, sort of, made their lives a bit more positive.


The hope is that people who receive flowers might be inspired to carry out a random act of kindness of their own.


I’m going to leave these flowers here on this bench. See who comes and gets them.


A few people come to look at the bouquet before some children eventually pluck up the courage to take the flowers to Mum.


This isn’t the first scheme to encourage kindness towards strangers, but in these socially distant times, it’s bringing people just that little bit closer.



lift the spirits 讓人感到高興,提起精神

spread a smile 傳遞微笑

joy 喜悅,快樂

boost (someone’s) morale 鼓舞(某人的)士氣

random act of kindness 隨手做出的善舉


The word is 『bouquet’.