Fruit fashion 用芒果核做衣服


Fruit fashion 用芒果核做衣服


有關 「design(設計)」 的詞彙


How many mango seeds did Jess use to make her dress?


Hi, I’m Jess Collins and I’m from North Queensland in Australia, and I’ve made a dress out of Calypso mango seeds.


[TEXT ON SCREEN: Jess is 18 and grew up on a mango farm. She is frustrated that so much edible fruit goes to waste. 傑斯18歲,在芒果農場長大。這麼多能吃的水果都浪費了,讓她覺得很懊惱。]

Over 5,000 kilos of mangos each year that we just have to dump because they’re not up to supermarket standards.


[A school design project gave Jess the idea to turn wasted mangoes into fashion. 學校的一個設計項目讓傑斯產生了把丟棄的芒果變成時尚的想法。]

I cut all the flesh off and then I took it over to Dad’s pressure cleaner, and then I would get the rest of it so no bugs or insects would try and eat the fruit because there was nothing left on it. And then we dried them out, cut them in half and then I sewed them on.


So, I used approximately around 1,400 of them – so there was just a couple! I took over the kitchen and pretty much the whole living room as well with just mango seeds and material. It was just everywhere.


I did it for between three and four months. I was actually called 『crazy’, but I think they were very surprised that I did end up getting it done. I had a vision in my head and I guess I just grabbed that and ran with it. But once it was all together and finished and I saw it out in the mango paddock, I was very happy with my work.


[Jess wore the dress to her high school graduation dinner. 傑斯穿著這條連衣裙參加了她的高中畢業典禮晚宴。]

I would love to tell the consumer and also the supermarkets like, there is perfectly fine fruit and we’re just throwing it out because it doesn’t meet, you know, the standards of the market. And that it’s edible, it’s still completely edible and that it can be bought and eaten and enjoyed by everyone.



standards 標準

sewed 縫製

vision 願景,憧憬

ran with it 對某想法開始付諸實踐


Jess used approximately 1,400 mango seeds to make her dress.