Future-proofing Stonehenge 英國開展巨石陣修復工作




Future-proofing Stonehenge 英國開展巨石陣修復工作


有關 「construction(施工)」 的詞彙


When was the last time there was large-scale conservation work on Stonehenge?


Metal scaffolding may be an incongruous sight next to the ancient structure, and it will be taken down every evening over the next few weeks – such is the determination to keep Stonehenge open and looking as normal as possible.


This conservation work is in itself historic. The last time something of this scale was undertaken was more than 60 years ago, when the ladders were wooden, you could smoke a pipe while working and protective headgear was a woolly hat.


Much has changed over the decades, but the problems remain.


Heather Sebire, English Heritage
One of the lintels, for example, was stitched together in the 1950s. So, we’re going to be doing some repair work to that because at the time they used a mortar that was very hard, and we’re going to replace that with lime mortar.

希瑟‧塞比爾       英格蘭遺產委員會(English Heritage)

Repairing, restoring, conserving. There are subtle differences, and at this World Heritage site – everything is tightly controlled. After all, they are working in the footsteps of giants.

修理、修復、保護。這其中有微妙的差別,而在這個世界遺產遺址,一切都受到嚴格的控制。畢竟他們在追隨 「巨人」 的腳步工作。

John Maguire, BBC correspondent
Now they may not have used phrases like 『structural engineer’ or 『architect’ 4500 years ago, but they were very clever people. On top of each pillar there’s a tenon joint – it’s that bit of rock that you can see sticking up. They would then go inside this mortise hole, so the lintels would have sat on top of the pillars. We think this one was never actually placed on top of the pillar. We don’t know why. As with so much in Stonehenge, it remains a mystery.

約翰‧馬奎爾       BBC通訊員
「雖然4500年前的人可能還沒有 『結構工程師』 或 『建築師』 這樣的字眼,但他們非常聰明。每根石的頂部都有一個榫結合處,就是上面那塊突出的石頭。它們會與這個榫眼接合,這樣橫石就會卡在柱子頂部。我們認為,這塊橫石其實從來沒被放到石柱頂部。我們不知道背後的原因。就和巨石陣中的許多事情一樣,它仍是個謎。」

With our changing climate, English Heritage is aware that the stones will face different weather patterns. So, the hope is to future-proof the work for at least the next 60, 70, maybe 100 years.



scaffolding 腳手架

protective headgear 防護安全帽

lintels 橫石

mortar 砂漿

pillar 柱子


Large-scale conservation work was last done more than 60 years ago.