Greenhouse dining 荷蘭餐廳為防控疫情搭建 「溫室包間」


Greenhouse dining 荷蘭餐廳為防控疫情搭建 「溫室包間」


有關 「worry(擔憂)」 的詞彙


How far apart should people in the Netherlands stand to observe social distance?


A Covid-secure space to socialise. Could these greenhouses be the future of going out? As countries emerge from lockdown all over Europe, they’re experimenting with new ways to get people dining out again.


Temperature checks, outdoor seating and this innovative idea is designed to help people adjust from a state of isolation to a degree of social contact. And overcome the inevitable anxiety many of us feel about mixing in public again while the risk of infection still exists.


The head chef, Tomasso, is happy to be back in the kitchen.


Tomasso Buresti, Head Chef
Cooking is always like a kind of like a way to, like, care [for] people. So actually this moment especially I think is, for chefs, is more important also because we lose the opportunity to like, to feed the people and care for the people, like who are in our restaurants.

托馬索‧布勒斯蒂     主廚

Waitresses and diners must observe social-distancing advice. Here in the Netherlands, that means staying one point five metres apart.


These wooden planks serve as a low-tech solution to help stick to the rules, but still the staff have some concerns.


Giulia Soldati, chef, Mediamatic ETEN restaurant
Yeah, I worry all the time. I’m also Italian so Italy now, it’s in the middle of the storm I would say. But at the same time we have the role of [making] this fear maybe a little bit less. Not to forget about it at all but to start co-living with it maybe.

朱莉婭‧索爾達蒂     Mediamatic ETEN 餐廳廚師

So do the guests share her reservations?


Diner 1
I think you just have to think about your hygiene more, just washing your hands and make sure you keep your distance.


Diner 2
And I think especially if you want to go out with an older person, it’s very nice to have this option.


The real appeal may be the reassurance and ability to reignite our faith in venturing out again.



a state of ……的狀態

anxiety 焦慮

concerns 擔憂

reservations 疑慮

reassurance 能消除疑慮的安慰


Social distancing advice in the Netherlands is to stand one point five metres apart.