Harry Potter: Wizard banking! 《哈利‧波特》影城新添魔法銀行展區



Harry Potter: Wizard banking! 《哈利‧波特》影城新添魔法銀行展區


有關 「finance 理財」 的詞彙


What is the treasure used in the bank made of?


Take a look inside the hallowed halls of Gringotts Wizarding Bank – underneath the crystal chandeliers, flanked by impressive marble pillars. But this isn’t magic. It’s real life.

來看看古靈閣魔法銀行內部莊嚴神聖的大堂 — 屋頂裝有水晶吊燈,兩側矗立著壯觀的大理石柱。但這並不是魔法,它就存在於現實生活中。

Warwick Davis, actor
It’s fantastic being back here on the original Gringotts Bank set, where over ten years ago now, I played Griphook here – this guy down the front; the good-looking one!

沃維克‧戴維斯 演員
「能回到古靈閣銀行的原片場真是太棒了。十多年前,我在這裡飾演妖精 『拉環』— 就是前面那個傢伙,長得好看的那個!」

And as seen on screen, to the finest of details, gold-lined treasures and piles of Galleons – the wizarding currency. But thieves – be warned! It wouldn’t be Gringotts without goblins.

和電影螢幕上看到的一樣纖毫畢現,這裡有鍍金的財寶和堆積如山的魔法貨幣 — 金加隆。但竊賊們要注意了!古靈閣可不能沒有經營銀行的妖精。

Warwick Davis, actor
It was a real restoration process for you, wasn’t it? To bring all of these back to life and back to kind of camera-ready condition. You know, because these sorts of products deteriorate very quickly in storage, so it’s quite a feat to actually see them here looking as good as they do.

沃維克‧戴維斯 演員

Sarita Allison, make-up artist
Everything you see here, we’ve made especially for the tour.

莎莉塔‧艾利森 化妝師

Included in the tour is a sneak peek inside the vault of dark witch Bellatrix Lestrange. And you won’t need Polyjuice Potion to enter.


Pierre Bohanna, prop maker
There’s about 30,000 pieces of treasure, of rubberised treasure, that was originally made. As you can see by example, here’s a Hufflepuff cup – you see it’s all squidgy.

皮埃爾‧波漢納 道具師

Warner Brothers has good reason to include a bank in the latest renovations of the studios, just outside London. The behind-the-scenes tour boosted the studio’s profits 69 percent in 2017, generating an after-tax turnover of 60 million pounds. But with goblins in charge, a profit like that will surely be buried deep within the vaults of Gringotts.

華納兄弟集團有充分的理由在這次翻修其倫敦郊外的攝影棚時加入一個銀行展區。這個幕後遊覽項目使該工作室 2017 年的利潤增長了 69%,創造的稅後營業額為六千萬英鎊。但在妖精的掌管下,這樣的利潤肯定會被埋入古靈閣銀行地下金庫的深處。


treasures 財寶

currency 貨幣

vault 金庫

profits 利潤

turnover (一段時間內的)營業額


It is rubberised – it’s made of rubber.