How to make robots more likeable? 如何讓機器人更討人喜愛?



How to make robots more likeable? 如何讓機器人更討人喜愛?


有關 「behaviour(行為)」 的詞彙


Why might it be decades before people share their homes with robots?


How do you make a robot likeable?


It’s a simple enough question…


… but it needs complex science to find an answer.


Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire [UK] asked volunteers to play with the simple reactive robot. The same robot was then programmed with an algorithm to make it playful and curious, and they compared what people thought.


Dr Marcus Scheunemann, University of Hertfordshire, BotsandUs
Comparing it with humans who interact with the reactive robot and this curious robot, we know now that we find this robot more sociable, right? And from here we know. OK, if we have this element in a robot, people might be just more likeable towards [more comfortable with] this robot, more receptive, more happy [happier] that it is around them.

馬科斯‧舒納曼博士       赫特福德郡大學 BotsandUs 項目

It’s a first step but the team says it could still be decades before you’ve got a robot sharing your home.


Daniel Polani, Professor of AI, University of Hertfordshire
It’s probably the hardest environment you can imagine, because it’s so unstructured, unpredictable. It can change and there are many actors in it which you can’t regulate. So, in a company you could make rules about how things are placed and where people can go. You can’t do that in a household.

丹尼爾‧波蘭尼       赫特福德郡大學人工智能教授

Richard Westcott, BBC correspondent
I do love the idea that a robot could beat anyone in the world at chess, but it can’t clean a shelf.

理查德‧韋斯科特       BBC通訊員

Daniel Polani, Professor of AI, University of Hertfordshire

丹尼爾‧波蘭尼       赫特福德郡大學人工智能教授

So, a real BB-8 is years off, but learning what people will accept is the first step to designing a likeable companion for your house.

因此,要在家中見到活靈活現的 BB-8,可能還得等幾年,但瞭解人們接受什麼是設計可愛居傢伙伴的第一步。


playful 有趣的,愛玩的

curious 好奇的

sociable 善交際的,友好的

interact 互動

accept 接受


The environment in the home is difficult for a robot as it is unstructured and unpredictable.