Hundreds of children are catching the ‘bike bus’ to school “自行車大巴” —— 護送兒童列隊騎行上學的新方式



Hundreds of children are catching the ‘bike bus’ to school “自行車大巴” —— 護送兒童列隊騎行上學的新方式


Every Friday in Glasgow, Scotland, these kids go to school on a ‘bike bus’.

在蘇格蘭格拉斯哥,這些孩子們每週五乘 “自行車大巴” 去上學。

Jo Wright, Shawlands Bike Bus
“We have a set route, we go at a set time, and there are stops on the way. So that’s why we’re like a bus.”

喬·賴特       格拉斯哥肖蘭茲區 “自行車大巴” 發起者

Jo Wright, Shawlands Bike Bus
“We started really small. We were just five families. And now we average about 50 to 60 of us.”

喬·賴特       格拉斯哥肖蘭茲區 “自行車大巴” 發起者

Jo Wright, Shawlands Bike Bus
“The way that it’s brought community and joy and the way we’ve been able to talk about the space that our kids need in our cities to just ride their bikes or do what they want to do, has surpassed any of my expectations.

喬·賴特       格拉斯哥肖蘭茲區 “自行車大巴” 發起者

“I love the ‘bike bus’ because I can chat with my friends, and it’s a fun way to get to school.”

“我很喜歡 ‘自行車大巴’,因為我可以和朋友聊天,而且這樣去上學很有意思。”

“It’s good for your body, and it’s also good for the environment.”


“When I get to school, I don’t get sleepy any more.”


Polly, Mum of Beatrix
“The first time I went on the ‘bike bus’, I was a bit nervous. I thought, there’s[re] a lot of children here. Some of them are really small, surely, people are just going to be crashing into each other. This is a bit terrifying. But actually, all the kids know they just have to keep a bit of space around them. The grown-ups are between the kids and the traffic. And actually, it’s fine.”

波莉       碧雅翠絲的母親
“當我第一次參與 ‘自行車大巴’ 的時候,我有點緊張。我想:這裡有好多孩子,有的個頭特別小,肯定會有人和人擠撞在一起的情況。這有點嚇人。然而實際上,所有的孩子都知道必須要在自己周圍留出一些空間。大人隔在了孩子和車流之間。所以實際上這種出行方式挺好的。”

‘Bike buses’ became popular in the Spanish town of Vic in 2021, and since then they’ve been spreading across the world.

2021年,“自行車大巴” 在西班牙的維克鎮開始流行起來,自此之後,這種出行方式擴展到了世界各地。

But only in Glasgow do they have a special gadget which lets them control the traffic lights.


Jo Wright, Shawlands Bike Bus
“When I press this button, it holds a green light. Instead of having ten seconds, we then have 45 seconds to move the ‘bike bus’ through the junction safely. ”

喬·賴特 格拉斯哥肖蘭茲區 “自行車大巴” 發起者
“我一按下這個按鈕,它就會讓綠燈時間延長。不像以往的10秒鐘時間,我們有45秒的時間帶領 ‘自行車大巴’ 安全通過路口。”

But the ‘bike bus’ isn’t just a fun way of getting to school.

但 “自行車大巴” 不僅是快快樂樂去學校的方式。

Jo Wright, Shawlands Bike Bus
“It shouldn’t be this hard for a kid to cycle to school. Every week it’s like a gentle protest. Every week we take up that space, and we’re on the roads with our kids in a way that’s joyous, but it’s also about doing something that’s not typical. And I think all of us love the ‘bike bus’ but we’d also love it not to have to exist. ”

喬·賴特       格拉斯哥肖蘭茲區 “自行車大巴” 發起者
“小孩子騎自行車去上學不應該這麼困難。所以我們想通過每週一次的騎車上學活動讓大家重視這個問題。每週我們帶著孩子一起上路,這是種愉快的體驗,也是一種讓孩子安全到校的獨特方式。雖然我們所有人都很喜歡 ‘自行車大巴’,但要是不必以這種方式來護送孩子出行,那就更好了。”