Jon Bon Jovi helps food bank 搖滾歌手喬恩‧邦‧喬維為食物賑濟站出資獻力


Jon Bon Jovi helps food bank 搖滾歌手喬恩‧邦‧喬維為食物賑濟站出資獻力


有關 「helping people(幫助他人)」 的詞彙


How much has demand for food risen at the Springs Food Pantry?


It’s distribution day at this food bank. There are no volunteers here, just a handful of workers and staff, including Jon Bon Jovi.


The global pandemic means his other job as [an] international rock star is somewhat on hold so he can devote time and sweat to this project.


In less than an hour and a half, several hundred kilos of food are loaded onto trucks and taken to seven different food pantries across eastern Long Island – a process that has happened every week since March.


Jon Bon Jovi, rock star
We’d be remiss if we just wrote a cheque. We feel that being hands-on makes us feel good while we’re doing good. And I’m a control freak!

喬恩‧邦‧喬維     搖滾明星

This kind of work is not new for Jon and his wife, Dorothea. Together they run the JBJ Soul Foundation, doing philanthropic work like building homes and running community kitchens.

這類工作對於喬恩和他的妻子多蘿西婭來說並不新鮮。他們一起經營喬恩‧邦‧喬維心靈基金會(JBJ Soul Foundation),做慈善工作,比如建造房屋和經營社區廚房。

And it’s not just the people running the food bank that is surprising – it’s the location too. This area is known as a playground for the affluent – one of the wealthiest zip codes in America.


Usually, summer is when the Hamptons’ economy booms. The arrival of the rich seasonal residents means lots of work, but not this year. Local poverty has risen sharply and demand at the Springs Food Pantry is up 300 percent.

通常,夏季是漢普頓經濟繁榮發展的季節。富裕的季節性居民的到來能給當地人帶來大量的工作,而今年的情況卻不同。當地的貧困程度猛然加劇,對斯普林斯食品發放站(Springs Food Pantry)的需求增長了300%。

Holly Wheaton wasn’t sure how she was going to feed her community. That is, until she got help from a rock star.


Holly Wheaton, Springs Food Pantry
I couldn’t get food from the grocery stores, [because] the shelves were empty. I couldn’t get them from the food banks. So, when Jon Bon Jovi stepped in with his food bank, it was a godsend.

霍莉‧惠頓       斯普林斯食品發放站(Springs Food Pantry)

The coronavirus pandemic has ripped open the deep economic divides in America for all to see – even right here, in the Hamptons.



hands-on 親力親為的

philanthropic 慈善的

stepped in 施以援手

godsend 及時雨,天賜之物


The demand for food at Springs Food Pantry has risen 300 percent.