Jurassic fossils found in the UK 英國發現侏儸紀時期海洋生物化石



Jurassic fossils found in the UK 英國發現侏儸紀時期海洋生物化石


有關 「fossils(化石)」 的詞彙


What covered the area of the dig in the past?


A race against time to reveal our ancient past.


The team from the Natural History Museum has just three days to excavate this unique site.


The Cotswold quarry holds a treasure trove of sea creatures that lived during the Jurassic period. What’s here is so extraordinary, the location is being kept secret.


Tim Ewin, palaeontologist, London’s Natural History Museum
We’ve got another really nice exceptional specimen here. It’s actually a brittle star. It’s likely to be a new species. It’s the quality of preservation. It’s the number of fossils that we’re finding. But it’s also the diversity – it’s really unprecedented in geological sites of this age across the world.

蒂姆‧埃文       倫敦自然歷史博物館古生物學家

This area was once covered by a shallow tropical sea – living there were animals like starfish, sea urchins, brittle stars and sea cucumbers.


The site was discovered by local fossil hobbyists Nev and Sally. But at first, the quarry didn’t look too promising.


Sally Hollingworth, amateur fossil hunter
We were finding very small fragments of like plates of sea urchins. Just tiny, tiny fragments, though. Nothing really spectacular. When we got it home and cleaned it up, he was like 『Oh my God, Sally, you’ve got to come and see this…』 And there’s this beautiful Jurassic sea creature coming to life.

薩莉‧霍林沃斯       業餘化石搜尋者
「我們發現了海膽化石板這樣的小碎片。只是很小的碎片,沒什麼大不了的。但當我們把它帶回家清理乾淨後,他說:『天啊,薩莉,你得過來看看這個……』 然後這個美麗的侏儸紀海洋生物就重現了生機。」

With so many fossils here, the challenge is working out which ones to keep. The very best are now heading to the Natural History Museum. The team says it’s the discovery of a lifetime.



ancient past 遠古,古時

natural history 自然歷史

excavate 挖掘,挖出

preservation 保存,保護

fragments 碎片


The area was covered by a shallow tropical sea.