Kenyan fishermen and women saving the planet 肯尼亞漁民試用電動漁船助環保



Kenyan fishermen and women saving the planet 肯尼亞漁民試用電動漁船助環保


有關 「fishing(捕魚)」 的詞彙


How many batteries can power a fishing boat for the night?


Sunrise – and these fishermen are making their way back to shore after a night out on the water – ready to sell their catch at the market.


These slippery piles are the fruits of hours spent scouring the lake [Lake Victoria].


Some though, like Cevince, have been trying out a new way of getting around, using electric motors.


Cevince Odhiambo, Fisherman
There is a difference, because with this motor there are fewer fumes while driving, and the petrol engine vibrates a lot, and the fumes get into your lungs. This is good and works well.

塞文斯‧奧迪安博     漁民

A new Kenya-based business is winning support here by leasing electric engines, designed to be cleaner and more affordable than petrol ones.


Leila Nathoo, BBC correspondent
You can see just how busy it is this morning. Fishing is the main source of income for people living here – their livelihoods depend on it. So, they will welcome anything that can make it a cheaper and more reliable activity.

萊拉‧納蘇     BBC通訊員

The company ASOBO delivers the batteries fully charged to the fishermen in the early evening. Two will power the boat for the entire night. And there’s no worry about wasted fuel on occasions when fish are scarce.


So far, the electric engines are powering just a handful of boats like this. But it’s thought around 60,000 make similar journeys onto the lake each night, attracting the fish using lamps.


But pollution from petrol engines threatens the water they depend on – and their emissions are harmful too. Technological progress could now offer the chance for change.


Laurens Friso, CEO, ASOBO
Battery technology, storage, is becoming more affordable by the day. Appliances, like an engine, a motor like this, are becoming better by the day – more reliable, higher performing. So, we think all these, these paths – they come together now, and this is a really good spot to start.

勞倫斯‧弗裡索     ASOBO 公司首席執行官

It’s a risky and labour-intensive business to try to earn a living from these waters. But electric engines could help to ease the burden on fishing communities like this one, on the banks of Africa’s largest lake.



catch 捕獲的魚,漁獲量

the fruits of (努力、勞動)成果

source of income 收入來源

scarce 稀少的

labour-intensive 勞動密集型的


Two batteries can power the boat for the entire night.