Koalas return to the wild 澳大利亞林火獲救考拉重歸自然


Koalas return to the wild 澳大利亞林火獲救考拉重歸自然


有關 「wildlife(野生動物)」 的詞彙


How many koalas lived on Kangaroo Island before the bushfires?


They survived Australia’s fires. Now, these koalas are ready to go back where they belong.


It’s a very different scene from nearly a year ago – pictures of the badly burned animals shocked the world. Hundreds were brought to this wildlife park when the flames tore through the island.


Dana Mitchell, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park
As well as being faced with the burns and the starvation and the dehydration, they were also very mentally affected as well. A lot of them were just feeling so terrible that they were just, kind of, cuddled in a ball – they didn’t have that fight response which a wild animal should.

丹娜‧米切爾      袋鼠島野生動物園(Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park)

Of the 50,000 koalas living on Kangaroo Island before the bushfires, it’s feared most of them were killed.


Images of the destruction and the loss of wildlife were seen across the globe – prompting millions of dollars in donations.


Helping koalas survive here is vital for Australia’s ecology. It’s the one place where the animals are disease free.


Shaimaa Khalil, BBC reporter
For months now, hundreds of koalas have been looked after in the wildlife park, and it’s been a long and tough journey for many of them. The aim is to get them strong enough to survive on their own here in the wild, and today, one of them is being released.

莎伊瑪‧哈利勒     BBC通訊員

After ten months of care, it’s time for Murton’s big move.


For Dana, it is a bittersweet separation.


Dana Mitchell, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park
There’s no better feeling watching someone that you’ve helped either raise from a joey or get through all of that treatment, and then you get them back out to the wild, watching them climb back the tree where they’re meant to be.

丹娜‧米切爾      袋鼠島野生動物園(Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park)

It’ll take years for the island to recover. But it’s hoped koalas like Murton can still thrive in a much changed habitat.



survive 存活,倖存

ecology 生態,生態環境

raise 養育,喂養

joey 年幼的有袋類動物,如考拉和袋鼠

thrive 茁壯成長


50,000 koalas lived on Kangaroo Island before the bushfires.