Marvel’s Spider-Man artist teaching children to draw online 漫威《蜘蛛俠》的漫畫師在線教孩子們繪畫


Marvel’s Spider-Man artist teaching children to draw online 漫威《蜘蛛俠》的漫畫師在線教孩子們繪畫


有關 「emotions(情緒)」 的字彙


Why did the children Will Sliney heard from have more free time?


So my name is Will Sliney, I’m an artist from Marvel Comics. I’ve been working for Marvel for about eight years, and I’m best known for my work on Spider-Man and now Star Wars.


You know the schools closed down in Ireland and everyone was a little bit down, but someone online had sent me a picture that their kids drew because that’s what they were doing with their time off and it brought a bit of a smile to my face, so I figured, you know, I could put a bit of direction on it and, you know, put up a theme for people to draw, thinking it would just get, you know, maybe a hundred or so drawings or something like that, but it really just took off, and now I have to keep up with the amount of people that want new challenges every day.


It’s all for a good reason, it’s all in really really good spirits, so that’s good.


Tom O’Halloran, parent
With me working from home as well I suppose it’s a bit of a challenge when you’ve got kids at home that you need to keep them entertained. So, it was a bit worrying in terms of how [we would] the whole logistics would work out, but, yeah, with the help of Will and different initiatives like that it’s been really helpful.

湯姆‧奧哈洛蘭    家長

One, it’s doing something creative that kids enjoy and they’re all learning from it,  but two, it’s really helping the adults seeing the drawings that the kids are doing. You see how happy they are doing them, everyone that’s shown a picture of themselves with the drawing there seems to be a big smile on their face and you can’t help but feel good after seeing something like that.



a little bit down 有點情緒低落的

brought a bit of a smile to my face 給我帶來了一絲笑容

in [really really] good spirits 有(滿滿的)正能量

a bit worrying 有點讓人擔心

can’t help but feel good 情不自禁地感覺很好


Because the schools in Ireland have closed down.