Meet Britain’s first trainee guide pony 來看看英國第一匹實習導盲馬



Meet Britain’s first trainee guide pony 來看看英國第一匹實習導盲馬


有關 「performance 表現」 的詞彙


What’s the advantage of having a guide horse rather than a guide dog?


The horse arriving on platform 1 is about to make history. Because while the odd one has travelled in a guard’s van, no horse, to our knowledge, has ever ridden in a passenger carriage.


Digby’s new owner is Helena from London. She’s a regular commuter on the Underground, and having seen guide horses used in America, she’d like to do so here.


Compared to the short career of a guide dog, a working horse can be with owner for 30 years.


Helena, Digby’s owner
Guide dogs are fantastic animals but it’s good to have choice. And a horse can be trained and they enjoy working. And they’re great companions. So, why not?

海倫娜     「導盲馬」 迪格比的主人

20-month-old Digby was especially bred for this very job by Katy at her stables in Northallerton. This metro journey is a trial to see if he can hack it. He seems to be coping with the movement better than our cameraman.


Katy Smith, Digby’s trainer
I thought he would be good. I thought he would take it all in his stride but this is like, yeah, it’s the first time ever… and I’m speechless to be fair.

凱蒂‧史密斯     「導盲馬」 迪格比的訓練師

Commuter 1
What’s a horse doing on the metro? I’ve never seen that before…

通勤者 1

Commuter 2
I think it’s a good idea myself. Yeah, it’s a change….

通勤者 2

Commuter 3
It’s a horse, isn’t it? Should be in a field not a train …

通勤者 3

So apart from the odd naysayer, people seem generally positive. Transport for London say they’ll be monitoring Digby’s progress.

除了個別愛唱反調的人以外,大家普遍對 「導盲馬」 比較認可。倫敦交通局表示,他們將密切關注迪格比的發展。

Katy Smith, Digby’s trainer
Good boy!

凱蒂‧史密斯     「導盲馬」 迪格比的訓練師


hack it 應對,處理

coping (成功地)處理、應對

take it … in his stride 從容以對,泰然處之

naysayer 反對者,愛唱反調的人


Guide dogs have a shorter career. Working horses can be with their owner for 30 years.