Meet the ‘Asian Iceman’ 來見見 「亞洲冰人」



Meet the ‘Asian Iceman’ 來見見 「亞洲冰人」


有關 「心態」 的詞彙


According to Alan Thong, what are you likely to feel when you dip into the ice?


So, it is important to stay in control. Learn to accept the cold. I feel so refreshed and energetic.


My name is Alan Thong – better known as the ‘Asian Iceman’.

我的名字叫湯文亮(Alan Thong),更廣為人知的名字是 「亞洲冰人」。

When I was in the Arctic wilderness, the connection with nature is irreplaceable. The energy there is completely different – so pure and so awakening.


Because we live in a tropical country – so we don’t have the cold we need. So hence, I order the ice from the ice man! And in total we will have 120 kilo[s] of ice inside, and the temperature of the water will go down to about zero or maybe negative one.

因為我們生活在熱帶國家,所以我們體會不到寒冷。所以,我從賣冰的人那裡買冰。這裡總共有 120 公斤的冰,水溫會降到零度或零下一度。

[The] first 20-30 seconds would be the most difficult. You might want to run out, jump out, just scream and so on. It’s very likely that you feel the sharpness – the stabbing into your skin.

一開始的 20 到 30 秒最艱難。你可能想從這裡跑出去,跳出去,尖叫等等。你很可能會感到刺痛,刺進你的皮膚。

But once you’re in there, you can feel the sensations of … we call it a natural high. I usually spend up to twenty minutes in the ice bath.

但只要你進入其中,你就能感到一種我們稱之為自然亢奮的感覺。我通常在冰浴裡最多呆 20 分鐘。

Your mind will, in fact, gain a certain clarity and strength in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Mental strength, mental control – this is real.



refreshed 清爽的,精神振作的

awakening 猛然覺醒

natural high 自然物質使人達到興奮感

clarity (思維)清晰感

mental strength 精神力量,意志力


The Asian Iceman says it’s very likely you’ll feel a sharpness stabbing into your skin.