Meet the robot artist 來認識機器人藝術家



Meet the robot artist 來認識機器人藝術家


有關 「art(藝術)」 的詞彙


What does Ai-Da say she enjoys doing?


Meet Ai-Da, the robot artist.

來認識一下機器人藝術家 「艾達」。

It’s a slow and steady process but effective. These are a few of her recent self-portraits. And what’s more, she’s happy to have a chat!


How are you today?


Ai-Da, robot
I am well, thank you.

機器人 「艾達」

How would you rate yourself as an artist?


I love to be creative. I enjoy being someone who makes people think.


She answers questions, each painting is different and a surprise. You could almost say she has a personality.


Priya Khanchandani, Curator, Design Museum (London)
Fundamentally, it’s… that’s a funny question. I think the prospect of getting to know her is hilarious. But at the same time, I mean, peering over at her now. And I do think… I think her makers probably consider that they have some form of relationship whether that is reciprocated or not.

普里雅‧坎錢達尼       英國倫敦設計博物館策展人

David Sillito, BBC correspondent
Ai-Da, could you look across there to the camera? We are all used to these days, talking to machines and our phones, but creativity is [a] rather different question and this is meant to be a little bit unsettling – a little unnerving.

大衛‧西利托       BBC通訊員

Aidan Mellor, Ai-Da Project
The thing that concerns us about technology is the fact that we don’t know the domino effect of it. Ai-Da foreshadows many technologies coming through and she poses those questions by her artwork, to say – this is what’s coming through – are we happy with that?

艾丹‧梅勒       「艾達」 項目

So, Ai-Da the artist. It’s painting today, who knows what, tomorrow?



self-portraits 自畫像

creative 富有創造力的

painting 畫作

artwork 藝術作品


Ai-Da says she enjoys being someone who makes people think.