Moon landing: Why was Neil Armstrong first? 為什麼阿姆斯特朗是踏上月球的第一人?



Why was Neil Armstrong first? 為什麼阿姆斯特朗是踏上月球的第一人?


有關 「the right candidate 合適人選」 的詞彙


Who used a process of elimination to decide on the right candidate?


There were about 25 of us astronauts who were qualified to have that job.

當時我們當中有 25 名宇航員有資格從事這項工作。

I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I think all roads lead to a fellow named Deke Slayton, who was our boss. And I think one day he got all 25 together in a room and went around and pointed at all of them and said: 『You, Aldrin, you’re gone. Collins, we don’t need you’.

我有點誇大其詞了,但是我認為選中阿姆斯特朗是因為一個叫做迪克‧斯雷頓的人,他當時是我們的領導。我記得有一天,他把 25 個人聚集在一個房間裡,輪流到每個人跟前,指著人說:「你,奧爾德林,你可以走了。科林斯,我們不需要你。」

And he ended up – it was an empty room – with just one seat in it. And that was Neil Armstrong.

最後他發現剩下的是一個空房間,只有一個座位上有人 —— 尼爾‧阿姆斯特朗。

He was the best possible choice to represent our country, our planet. Neil was an extremely intelligent man and a man of many talents. He was a student of history, specifically the history of science. He just had an extremely broad viewpoint, exposure.


And it was a wonderful representative of our country and our planet.



qualified 有資格的

a (man) of many talents 多才多藝的人

broad viewpoint 思考事物的角度廣泛

broad exposure 經驗豐富

representative 代表


Deke Slayton, the boss, used a process of elimination to choose the right candidate.