Most advanced polar ship heads for Antarctic 目前最先進的極地船駛向南極




Most advanced polar ship heads for Antarctic 目前最先進的極地船駛向南極


有關 「sea travel(出海)」 的詞彙


Where on the ship can the crew take a break?


It’s the most advanced polar ship ever to set sail. Named after Sir David Attenborough, it took just four years to build. Now it’s getting ready for its first voyage to Antarctica.


Captain Will Whatley, British Antarctic Survey
Seeing the ship amongst the ice will be absolutely remarkable and it’s something we are all really looking forward to. Working in the Antarctic, sometimes you might think you’d get used to it, but every time it still amazes us.

威爾‧惠特利船長       英國南極調查局

Rebecca Morelle, BBC Science Correspondent
This is a state-of-the-art research ship and here on the top deck is the helipad, so scientists and the crew can be brought to and from the ship while she’s at sea.

麗貝卡‧莫雷爾       BBC科學通訊員

In here, you have the living quarters, a cosy cabin for two, because the crew on here can stay on board for two months at a time. There’s room for 30 crew and 60 scientists on the ship.


And this is the all-important coffee shop, where after a hard day of polar research, the crew can come in and take a bit of a break.


This big hole in the middle of the ship goes all the way from the sea up to here. It’s called a ‘moon pool’ and it means that scientists can access the ocean with their instruments, whatever the weather.

船中央的大洞從下方的海面一直貫通到這裡。它被稱為 『月池』,意味著不論天氣如何,科學家都可以利用他們的儀器接觸到海水。」

It’s not just the water, scientists will be studying every aspect of this rapidly changing ecosystem – from the animals that live there, to the creatures they feed on, and the nature of the ice itself. This ship will transform our understanding of the poles.


Dr Sophie Fielding, Biological Oceanographer, British Antarctic Survey
The beauty of this ship is that we can bring lots of scientists from different diverse disciplines together on the same ship with lots of brilliant state-of-the-art facilities for each of those groups. So, we can bring biologists, chemists, geologists, physicists all together. And that’s really important when we’re addressing issues around the environment.

索菲‧菲爾丁博士       英國南極調查局生物海洋學家

The Sir David Attenborough will head off in a few weeks, stopping at the Falklands on the way to Antarctica, and the man it’s named after has recorded a special message for when it sets sail.


Sir David Attenborough’s voice
Your attention, please. Any personnel on board not sailing with the vessel, please disembark.



set sail (船)啟航

top deck 頂層甲板

crew 全體船員

living quarters 生活區

vessel 船,艦


The crew can take a break in the coffee shop.