Moving London’s dead 倫敦新建高鐵站 公墓需遷址



Moving London’s dead 倫敦新建高鐵站 公墓需遷址


有關 “burial 埋葬” 的詞彙 


Which two noteworthy people are buried at this site?


Back in the 1780s, London was running out of space. It had nowhere for the dead. And so, it created new cemeteries. One of them is here next to Euston Station. And now, more than 200 years later, that land is needed for another purpose. The dead are going to have to find a new final resting place.


And this is the reason why: this is where London’s high-speed railway station is about to be built. And so, a small army of archaeologists have arrived to move thousands of bodies.


Caroline Raynor, project manager
So the records for the entire area suggest around sixty thousand people were interred in the cemetery.

卡洛琳·雷諾爾 項目經理

But what will happen to all the bodies? Matthew Flinders, the first man to sail around Australia, is buried here. So too is Bill Richmond, one of Britain’s most celebrated boxers.


Helen Wass, HS2 Archaeology
Initially, they will be taken for archaeological analysis – so, laboratories. They’ll be stored in a morgue, and again, that’s with the agreement of the church.

海倫·瓦斯 英國高速鐵路2號項目考古部門

And then after that everyone will be re-buried in consecrated ground – and this is just the beginning.


Helen Wass, HS2 Archaeology
Overall, on the whole line during the peak, we’re going to have over 1000 archaeologists excavating over 60 sites. It’s the biggest archaeological investigation ever undertaken in the UK, and probably Europe.

海倫·瓦斯 英國高速鐵路2號項目 考古部門

In this part of London, any development is always going to be building on history. But this one has rather more ghosts than normal.

在倫敦這一地區,任何開發項目都免不了建於歷史事物之上。但這項工程可能要比其它工程更加 “神出鬼沒”。


cemeteries 墓地

final resting place 安息之所

interred 被埋葬

morgue 停屍間、太平間

consecrated ground 聖地


According to a 2016 YouGov poll, 58% of UK adults would prefer to be cremated whereas only 17% would choose to be buried. 20% were not sure and 5% would choose ‘something else’.

2016年英國輿論調查公司 “YouGov” 的一項調查顯示,有58%的英國成年人更願意被火化,而只有17%的人會選擇被埋葬。其中還有20%的人不確定,而5%的人會選擇 “其它入葬方式”。


Matthew Flinders, the first man to sail around Australia, and Bill Richmond, one of Britain’s most celebrated boxers are buried here.